4 Ways Spring Can Make You Rich

Rich – plentiful; abundant

Abundant in life that is! You can be rich in a lot of things not just monetarily. Mental wealth is far beyond more value than any dollar amount. When you are rich in your thoughts and spirit, there aren’t many things you can’t do. You just have a magical (God given) spirit that’s untouchable✨.



1. Say hello to healthier skin thanks to Sunny D lol!☀️

With the time change we also gain an hour to bask in the sunlight. Even though where I reside the sun never miss a beat especially this year! This has been the warmest of winters I can remember. The sun☀️ provides an important factor to that natural glow; Vitamin D! Vitamin D is important for normal growth and development of our bodies as well as improve resistance against certain diseases.

2. Spring cleaning aka cleansing!

Let the cleaning and detox begin from your closet all the way to your body! It’s time to check your inventory and get rid of all the things that you’re not using and that are serving no purpose. Things could be mental thought patterns, people, or thing around your house. Over the break I began to purge my house of things that I no longer need. Like clothes I’ve outgrown or I shouldn’t have bought period lol. This also goes for people too. Just as the beginning of the year I have collected inventory of my mental space. Verifying that everything is checking out with positivity. Any bad vibes given off by a certain situation I let into my space have been removed. People that are negative towards my growth… deleted and/or removed!

Now onto my body! This has to big the best struggle for me. For the the simple fact starting and keeping it up is not my forte. I completely suck at completion when it comes to the beginning of a new task. Once I have achieved a few milestones I’m in it to win it and won’t quit! One thing that I have been consist with is my yogi Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life! I mix several other flavors with it but my tea intake is pretty consistent. Not only do I see a difference but I feel it! Grab a glass of hot water and detox my friend, your body will thank you. Might I add it’s not expensive as the other teas you see on IG and facebook. I actually prefer it over the others.  A girlfriend of mine and I both tried Flat Tummy tea and to me it’s just hyped!! Neither of us seen any results. Not to mention how many yogi boxes of tea I could’ve enjoyed instead! So don’t believe the hype. Maybe we just have stubborn bodies, it may work for others.

3. Fresh vibes are in order!

With the sun throwing around its lovely rays, it’s time to vacate the real world for a spring break trip or at least a getaway! Whether you’re in school or not it’s great to take time off to unwind, unplug and refresh. There is no such thing as all work and no play. That’s a pretty sad and miserable way to live. Enjoying life is not something you should feel guilty about indulging in. So while you’re here, make it worth the while. Unplugging helps you find the right tempo sometimes when your life gets out of tune. Grab a friend, a nice drink, hey even a swimsuit and get out there and enjoy these springy vibes that’s spinning around the world!

 4. Hello new body!

All your hard work and efforts that you set in place at the beginning of the year should be revealing your results. If you’ve been slacking like me, now is a good reminder to keep up the work and continue to push yourself. With that being said I’m starting a 30 day challenge in all aspects; mental, spiritual and physical. Swimsuit season is approaching swiftly, let’s be ready!

We have just about 3 months to finish strong so let’s get it. Those classes you’ve been thinking about joining… do it! That walk or run you were supposed to take earlier in the week… do it today! Take the Stairs. Avoid the Elevator! Whether at home, work, or shopping, if you have the option of using the stairs, take it. In fact, take the stairs whenever you can and as many times as you can. Put down the junk, grab the better option! Most of all drink your water (:


If you focus on the richness your life already consist of, you will stay ahead of the game. One of the hardest things to master is the mind. Enriching your thoughts are the first step. I hope each and everyone of you have a fabulous day living in your purpose and spreading your beautiful energy in to the world.


  1. March 30, 2017 / 10:49 am

    I really enjoyed reading this post, it was so refreshing and filled with positivity! I’m a huge fan of green tea and thanks for the tidbit about Flat Tummy Tea. I see so many people advertising and talking about I’ve always wanted to try it. However, now I know it’s just hype I won’t bother ordering it! Great job! ❤

    • Denisha
      March 30, 2017 / 11:02 am

      Thank you Jennifer, glad you enjoyed it! Don’t forget to share and spread the positive vibes around (:
      Yes soo many reviews and people saying it works! But hey it just may be my body lol

  2. Hayden Rivers
    March 30, 2017 / 7:44 pm

    So what’s the deal with this tea stuff? Only for women? Do you just drink it and wait for instant abs ? or is there any work to be done? Definitely feel you on the negative vibes. Gotta keep that up as a life goal to go beyond the spring season.

    • March 31, 2017 / 11:05 am

      Yogi tea is for any tea drinker. I think flat tummy tea is geared for women I believe. Instant Abs lmao, I wish!! #lifegoals indeed! Stay rich my friend!

  3. March 31, 2017 / 6:47 pm

    I am definitely looking forward to the sun and some Vitamin D.. it really does make a difference to your overall well-being and energy levels to have more sun in your life after a long winter. Thank you for the optimistic post! 🙂

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