Different seasons, different reasons.

Only thing consistent is change.


  • A feeling that binds (and blinds) one to a person, thing, cause, ideal or the like; devotion
  • An emotional bond between two people

With a new season brings a new vibe, scene and emotions. Given the experiences that have previously came with each season will revisit you at some point during that in time.

Life has taught us that nothing is off limits to change. Things can be consistent but they will no doubt change. Sometimes these changes are a result of the change of seasons.

Some people seasons last a while but once it has run its course, you’ll know. Just because you fall off or out, doesn’t necessarily mean it has reached its end. That might just be the end for the moment. Some people/ situations may need time to develop and mature on their time. Its nothing personal just a course life will always take no matter what. As individuals, growth occurs according to circumstances, needs and wants at that particular time.

Things to live by as the season bring on a change:



Some seasons will bring a change of heart and a sense of realization from either party. The best thing you can do is forgive or ask for forgiveness. Yes, it’s one of the almost impossible things to do. Nevertheless definitely one that MUST be done in order to open the door for the better.


An open-mind

Stepping forward into the coming season with an open mind will position you to fully grasp the changes that are about to take place. If you're to stuck on the seasons that have come and gone, you may miss what is currently happening.


An open heart

This gif basically and almost completely describes having an open heart to the transition of seasons. I will say, its ok to have old memories per contra let’s not reflect too long on them!


Undeniable confidence in self

I mean how else? This is the ONLY way to live. Confidence in self initiate a positive life. No matter what transpire, you'll be grounded. So let the haters hate, the liars lie, and the confused... well just be confused. Once you have stated your peace, move on in confidence! 



Very cliché to say though very well true; "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink". Accept the people, situations and things that are just not changeable. It makes NO sense to dwell or be miserable about things that are out of your control (almost everything). Just let it be. Say a prayer, seek understanding from God and move on! 


However you chose to cope with these changes, understand that everyone goes through them. It's up to you on how you get through it! But no matter what, please get through it. Do not be consumed by the seasons that leave you weary. Use those horrible seasons to work for you instead. Because they are set in place to build your character and help you become the person you are meant to be. 



Whats your input?