Yes SZA! You are about to bless my ears

How is it she makes it look so easy & effortless. The way she delivers is quite unique. Her ability to be herself while creating her own lane & building an area of music very few have explored. There isn’t a sound out here that compares to her. I love when an artist creates their own path and be BOMB at it! Like first you touch my ears then your lyrics reach for my soul. How did you know this is what I needed?!

You want more don’t you..?

My favorites from this album are 1 through 10! Okay, Babylon (feat. Kendrick Lamar) if I HAD to choose.


Vibe pick me up!

One of the best ways I use to change my attitude is music. Good vibes are hard to keep up sometimes so tune in my friend!

Toodles !

It’s Friday & you know what that means!

Usually I post laid-back feel good music, but this weekend is my sisters birthday so it calls for a turn up! This mix will be in the background as I get dress and pregame!

2 . 17 . 17

Vibes that will be flowing this weekend!

Here’s a fun playlist inspired by and in honor of Black History month


Saturdayyeee Vibes 

 Friday Feelings 1/20/2017