Last year I started with the mind frame of leaving everything behind in light of a fresh start. For 365 days, I dedicated every day to living that philosophy, (of course there were some bad days and just plain wtf days!). Starting my day with and Joyce Meyer Bible app plan. I promise, every day it was like God giving me a plan on how he wanted me to take on the day. In short I have grown so MUCH mentally it’s pretty insane, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! I know I am not the only one experiencing rough patches throughout this growing process. I am just open to admitting my trial and errors while also spreading a little bonafide substance (:

Bring the Bang, Live the Bang!


Every year around this time, people converse about what they intend to live out during the year ahead. Just about everyone who start these resolutions, either end, break or just plain forget about them. I was a part of that group until a few years ago, I decided it’s time to evaluate how to manage this “resolution” and keep it alive throughout the year.


How I banged the year out with style & grace!

  1. Start it with the BIGGEST bang you can possibly revel up!
  2. The days when the bang clearly doesn’t exist, create a new one. If you can’t get over your bad day/ moment: Accept it, embrace it, then move QUICKLY!
  3. Stay focus on whatever you have set to accomplish, small or big. Any step in the right direction is a positive move that will set you up for a great purpose… compared to being stuck in the same position.
  4. Simply find your joy and do not be moved out of it. Surrounding yourself with positive energy is great. BUT when you are able to create that energy by yourself… that’s the BONAFIDE MAGIC everyone needs!
I hope each and everyone of you has a fabulous year living in your purpose and spreading your beautiful energy into the world.

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  1. January 3, 2017 / 12:32 pm

    Great post! I’ve decided to stay on course especially when life comes at me in a brand new crazy way. I’m so committed to it because life is too short to not be full of joy and powerful, inspiring energy!

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