NYWT Volume II

New year, who this?

Who’s this??? Kickass that’s who! 2018 what’s good? I am here for you. I’ve never in my life been this excited to live this entire year with a consistent amount of excitement! Mental growth is one that will set you up in the most beautiful ways.
What comes with growth… expansion that’s what. Don’t get distracted by what you see as a loss. For your gains will become the biggest & greatest distraction! Let’s get distracted by our gains!

Over the course of about 2-3 years, I’ve grown & developed a stronger mindset. Partly because we as humans should & partly by force (life). Yes, force. Life forces us to grow or get left in the dust doing the same reckless task as before. Take your growth & f___king run with it. Don’t apologize or offer any “I’m sorry’s”. You’re entitled to be the BEST YOU you can be and you should be just that! Stop with the excuses, self-pitty & sabotage. With that comes destruction… and nothing good comes from that, clearly.By keeping these four words active in my brain, I identify how & what I need to do in order to grow through any battles crossing my path. I’m a Virgo, so it’s in my nature to plan & analysis everything before acting. Some cases this is great & in a lot of others, it’s not. But I challenge myself daily on finding the balance. I’m human just like you. So I’ll start things with the best intentions to finish & sometimes the finishing … just doesn’t get done. Well seeing these words visually place steps in my mental organizational closet, so I’ll be more likely to remember & get it done!

Write them down and/or print them out (keep it visible). Whatever you need to do to be aware of the process & activate it to your life. With practice comes consistency & with consistency brings natural habits. It’ll come just give it time!

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