Velvet all season?! Yes please, don’t mind if I do!

My first true love that I didn’t even know was love until my adult years. Velvet!!! From purses to furniture, you can’t go wrong with this soft, chic material. I’ve always been a person to wear velvet throughout the year so I’m more than excited about this new fab trending. Yes I live in Texas where we get a little of everything but mostly temperatures ranging from 50-90 degrees all in one week! Haha no really, the dynamics to Houston weather is keep everything in your closet for those just in case moments. Just in case it rains, the temperature drop, or my favorite… the summer weather we experience all year round. I’m not complaining, I don’t mean it! It gives me just about every season every month! Not to the extreme like other parts of the world, so I’m grateful.

Velvet is one of those fabrics that gives off a sense of elegance. And if you know anything about me, elegance is encrypted in my DNA. You can be fun and flirty or sassy and sexy depending on the texture. Oh and there are definitely levels to this as well!

  • You have your crush velvet to bring out the vixen deep down in all of us.
  • Then you have your more traditional velvet that will do the trick for just about any occasion. Do you see why I love it so much! So savvy and cool you’ll turn a few heads.  

Here’s a collection that will help you get your velvet fix!





Swimsuit season is amongst us

Yess its that time of the year! You have been preparing for this since January and if you’ve stuck to it you should see some results! If you’re like me… you’ll just buy a suit that fits your body at the moment lol! Since I’ve gained this new body (mom bod) of mine, life has gotten more challenging when searching for a cute swimsuit. It’s always been a challenge because I’m on the bustier side so I like a little more support. This new challenge however is trying to find a SEXY one piece without compromising the sexy! When I tell you I had search high and low for a cute one.. I’m not joking! In the past years I discovered Victoria’s Secret is the way to go when you’re wanting a nice push up and tinnie bottoms! To this day, they’re my favorite but my new body isn’t quite there anymore. Last year for my trip to Miami I stocked up on one pieces from ASOS. I felt like my sexy self again in these babies! They were a bit pricey but worth it. I was worried I wouldn’t like them when I got them or they wouldn’t fit right but they have a fabulous return policy. Ain’t no shame in my game!! I completely ordered all the wrong sizes the first go round. ASOS sizes are based on the UK scale. A size 4 UK is not equivalent to an US size 4!


Any who here are a few choices I adore whether you’re thin, milf status or bbw!

Here’s a look at my favorite ASOS swimsuit from last year:

I love the fact that this piece is sexy but still allows me to be comfortable even though my body wasn’t as far along as I wanted it to be. I didn’t have to sacrifice my sexy to cover up a little more than normal. The fringe is what really attracted me to the swimsuit! Who doesn’t like a good fringe?! Lets not talk about the color! Definitely a neutral yet bold color to set the tone of fun in the sun with a side of fierceness.








All I need is a little sun and that’s my cue to bring out the shorts and shades!