Surviving the 20mething’s


One of the most vital stages in life. At this point during your 20’s you begin to take what you have learned and experienced in your teen years by bring light a new more mature approach to living. Developing every piece, you need to become more responsible, mature, confident, independent adult. To explore every last detail there is to build the very best you. Well in most cases, some people don’t experience this until …. Yeah you get the point.




Ten things to remember while living out your 20’s:

  • First and foremost, Self! 20’s are made for investing time in & with yourself. This has to be one of the most critical phases of development. Before you can fully expect someone to know you, you must know yourself. What make you think someone else can understand you if you barely understand yourself. Why give another person the power to tell you what your likes and dislikes are. What makes you you?! What are your strengths? What do you struggle with? What truly makes you happy? In addition, why are all these things so? The how, why, and what of you need to be explored before trying to explore someone else’s. You have to set a foundation for yourself and your life. Sometimes it’s best to take a second to understand you have a brain and to actually develop it outside of an academic standpoint. Being around people is great but don’t become someone else or allow them to always have an influence on you to the point you can’t recognize yourself.
  • Being naked and simply recognizing God’s beautiful creation. Inside and out. Such a touchy subject! The lines of what is acceptable and what is “thot like” are all about presentation. How much is too much you ask? Well for me, you can show skin and still keep it classy. It all depends on how you carry yourself and how graceful you are. You really set the tone of how people will “read” you. But regardless of that, How do you read yourself? Are you comfortable with you? Because honestly bump what anyone who aren’t you thinks. I have always lived by this. Not in terms of just not giving a damn. I care for myself so I’m not out here setting myself up either. I will however be excited about this BOMB creation God made and chose me to live in. No I do not have the flattest stomach, fattest ass or the perkiest of breast, but everything I have I will embrace. I don’t allow society to manipulate my mind into thinking I should be anything other than what I am. Because I have tried and still try to take the best care of myself. From practicing yoga to using different oils to enhance my skin.
  • Relationships and dating, EKK! Twenty something year old men… I don’t take anyone too serious until they have shown maturity. Male or female truly. You will be surprised that you still lose friends by simply giving real advice that you would expect in return. So in most cases, nothing too serious. Be clear in exactly what is expected from the beginning. State what you are looking for and hoping to gain. Be sure that you actually have time to commit to exploring and getting to know this person. Start slow! Depending on the chemistry, things will change pace naturally.
  • Things come and go. Only you remain forever. Hello self! Yes, we’re back here. Another factor you cannot run nor hide from. It’s hard to accept this, it sucks completely. Nevertheless, it is something you must accept before it ruin you. For me my faith in God kept me together while I simply wanted to fall apart. I have seen many lows in my twenties that I could have NEVER prepared myself for. There are obstacles that God put in place in order for him to remind us, he is God. Our God, our help! Furthermore, to never lose sight of him. Lean to him and understand you aren’t alone and he is with you. I promise it’s the only way. You can’t do it yourself, that’s not why we are created. Recognizing and acknowledging is apart of the process to developing greatness within. The more in tune you become with that greatness will keep sparking a grander you!
  • Things/ life will only get more challenging with age. If you grow along the way, you’ll be prepared for the mountains that arise. Life gets better with a little experience. Just as anything else. The knowledge you’ve gained along the way will put you in place to have a better outcome, if used properly.
  • Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Grab it, take charge. Very cliché but beyond true. If you keep putting things off you might not be grant another moment like the one you let pass you by.
  • Its ok to love. Just be aware of your emotions and never let your faith be less than.
  • Don’t be so busy trying to figure things out that you miss the now. One of your greatest moments could also be during the stormiest season of your life. Don’t allow that to distract you and miss what is right in front of you. Joel Olsen spoke of it best, You can’t be too consumed with your burdens that you overlook your blessings.
  • Balance, ha! Yes this is one that’s close to impossible to achieve 24/7 365 days of the year. There will be times that your balance will be off but as long as you’re striving to reach it then that’s all that matters.
  • Regret is for losers! No really. I’m not saying go buck wild, but simply enjoy the many experiences that life have to teach us. Once again this has a LOT to do with balance. Yes I know it’s impossible to get around.

No matter how you sum up your life in this phase, you are bound to facing some type of trial. It is up to you to deal with it, experience it, live it and like always move on. Only thing that will remain is you (foundation).


Whats your input?