No need to fret, give the love you want to receive

With February 14 less than a month away, I’m sure some of you have thought of a way to spend your day. Let me be the first to tell you, you DO NOT need a significant other to enjoy this day. Love can be felt and spread all on your own. It is important to have it within yourself first before searching for love in someone else. But that topic is for another day.


Things you can do:

  • Treat yourself, and do it as if you mean it. Spend the entire day pampering yourself. No, you don’t need a super huge budget to do this. I actually do this almost every weekend and spend less than $25. Therefore, it’s possible. Take time to take care of yourself. Showing that you appreciate yourself.


  • Spend time with someone who you feel could use a little love in his or her life. This to me is the best way to feel love. Anytime I do something so simple to make someone else aware they are appreciated my heart melts. Yeah, I’m a sucker for love! From smiling and holding a conversation with a person who appear to be having a horrible day. It cost you nothing, but you’ll gain so much in return. It’s a beautiful feeling.


  • Volunteer. Give a helping hand.


  • Hang with your girlfriends or bros.


  • Cook dinner for your relatives and invite them over or go out to eat with them.


Last year I did a combination of spending time with my self and hanging with my girlfriends. That marked the first Valentine’s Day after a major break up which was still quite fresh being I had just ended it at the end of December. So of course, I needed a good support system to help me through this time. I took a little extra time with myself as I got dressed. Staring in the mirror reflecting on the beauty that was before me. I was gaining a new sense of self-appreciation. I spent the beginning of the day with my son before dropping him off with his granny so I could meet my girls and enjoy, reflect then collect my feelings and myself. We met at a restaurant called Lucile’s which is located in the museum district of Houston. We had brunch, shared our life at the moment, had many laughs and offered a great deal of advice. After, I felt better about where my life was currently. More importantly, I appreciated the love we were offering one another just by simply being there. But the fun didn’t end there, afterwards I met up with another girlfriend who provided smiles and tons of laughter. It was essential that I shared this day with people I adored. Before I got there I made a pit-stop at James Avery. I had my eye on the heart-knot and knew that it would be the perfect gift for me. Therefore, I bought it for myself, as a reminder to always stay in love with self. As well as to never overlook the love I can spread no matter what circumstances occur.  On a day as such, one can get carried away in the wrong direction and thoughts about how that day should be filled. The most important factor of that day should be spreading love in every way possible, not the act of being the receiver the entire day! Get over yourself!! You’re better than that. Give the love you want to receive without any expectations and I can assure you you will feel an even powerful experience.




  1. February 8, 2017 / 5:48 pm

    Love this post. I am all about loving yourself first. Would love to read about what you do for $25 to pamper yourself.

    • Denisha
      February 9, 2017 / 7:56 am

      Great minds! I’ve been drafting a post for it! But I think I want to vlog my beauty category (: havent decided yet

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