.. what the heck is that?

If you don’t have a smile, I’ll give you one of mine!

If you don’t have a smile, I’ll give you one of mine!


Today I woke up, pissed at several factors existing in my life that are out of my control. BUT I’ve come TOO far to allow any situation to alter my “element” (thanks Kendrick ).To offset my disappoint, frustration and the feeling of being out of control.. I simple indulge and spreading/sharing LOVE  EVERYF**KINGWHERE!! Everyone gets a smile, a good morning, a compliment & a enjoy your weekend. Just as any other Friday. You know why?! Because it makes me feel wonderful on the inside. It gives me the reward of creating a little joy by bringing extra happiness to the world even when what is going on in my life isn’t as joyful as I’d like. If I were to stay stuck in a funky attitude it’ll just spiral to an even bigger nastier MESS! No thanks, don’t want those problems (: I’ll gladly take my bad days & turn it into just a bad moment instead! Let’s not forget it’s Friday, so there is NO room for an ugly mood! Bye Felicia!!


Take aways:

  • Spread whatever positivity you can muster up & it will come back to you in a supernatural way

  • Fill your mind and spirit with words of encouragement, understanding and acceptance

  • Reinforce those thoughts with some motivational tunes



Until next time,



Smile darling!

Different seasons, different reasons.

Different seasons, different reasons.

Only thing consistent is change



  • A feeling that binds (and blinds) one to a person, thing, cause, ideal or the like; devotion
  • An emotional bond between two people


With a new season brings a new vibe, scene and emotions. Given the experiences that have previously came with each season will revisit you at some point during that in time.

Life has taught us that nothing is off limits to change. Things can be consistent but they will no doubt change. Sometimes these changes are a result of the change of seasons.

Some people seasons last a while but once it has run its course, you’ll know. Just because you fall off or out, doesn’t necessarily mean it has reached its end. That might just be the end for the moment. Some people/ situations may need time to develop and mature on their time. Its nothing personal just a course life will always take no matter what. As individuals, growth occurs according to circumstances, needs and wants at that particular time.


Things to live by as the season bring on a change:



An open-mind


An open heart

Undeniable confidence in self




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